Mistakes about gas cookers can explode your home

In Vietnam, there are many households who are indifferent to bad habits that can cause an explosion of their houses without their knowledge.

1. Gas stove is too old and of poor quality

Frugality is always a good virtue of Vietnamese people but you also need to pay for these old, poor quality items. If your home has been using a gas stove for too long, buy a new gas stove immediately, ensuring the quality is always good and safe.

Although the gas stoves have not been used for a long time but there are signs of mines and high rust, you should consider buying a new one because the gas stoves have used with a high level like a slow explosive bomb that you are located in the kitchen. of his family.

Choose a gas stove from reputable manufacturers, have a warranty and careful installation so that the whole family can feel secure in cooking daily meals for the whole family.

Mistakes about gas cookers can explode your home

2. Lock the gas valve before turning off the stove

There have been cases where the gas cylinder does not lock the valve, the gas is full in the conductor for a long time, being bitten by a mouse will cause gas to leak, encounter an electric spark causing fire. People often forget to lock the gas valve after each use of the stove, locking the gas valve improperly (turn off the stove and then lock the gas while the gas is still in the wire).

For absolute safety, pay close attention to close the gas valve after cooking. Turn off the stove carefully before locking the gas valve.

Mistakes about gas cookers can explode your home

3. Do not clean the kitchen often

Many people still think that kitchen hygiene is simply cleaning the kitchen surface but that is not all. The gas explosions are mostly caused by leaking of cylindrical tanks, valves of open wires being bitten by mice ... to avoid unfortunate problems such as broken cookers, gas tanks.

Mistakes about gas cookers can explode your home

4. Pots and pans are not suitable for kitchen sizes

An inappropriate sized pot or pan is also the cause for your gas stove to adjust the size of the flame, causing the fire to spread beyond the pot, heating the gas tank and reducing its durability. of the stove or cause an explosion.

Therefore, to protect your beloved family, when cooking with gas stoves, you need to pay attention to using reasonable pots and pans to increase the durability of the stove and cooking utensils.

Mistakes about gas cookers can explode your home

5. No test identification

People still often do not periodically check the device when used if it shows no signs of damage. Gas stoves are powered by the use of gas as a fuel. Therefore, if leaked out into the environment of the accumulated gases, having an impact of electric sparks can cause an explosion at any time.

For safety protection, should check gas stoves and related equipment such as gas pipes, gas tanks, valves ... every 2 months. The test is very simple, just rub some soap water on the gas tank, pipes, valves. If you see bubbles emerging, the location may have been leaking, leaking, this time need to be replaced immediately.

Mistakes about gas cookers can explode your home

In addition, when the gas stove is used for too long, it will damage the surface, the burner is worn out, the knob is broken, the ignition works poorly, so it should be bought new to cook more effectively and safely.

6. Use lighters, mobile phones to check gas stoves

This is the taboo when using gas stoves. When the gas stove leaks, must immediately close the gas valve, open the door for ventilation, helping the gas to fly away. Absolutely do not use lighters, fans, phones ... next to the gas stove will be very flammable.