Use "Food" to take care of your eyes

Beautiful eyes are strong and bright eyes. Always maintain those beautiful eyes with thorough care, clean hygiene and always provide the nutrients to ensure your eyes are still alive thanks to the products we listed below.

The nutrients needed for daily eyes include vitamins C, vitamin A, Omega-3, Selenium, ... all of which are indispensable ingredients in meals to complement your eyes.

1. Salmon

Salmon is a fish that contains the most abundant Omega-3 fatty acids. This substance prevents macular degeneration in the middle age, protects the retina from damage, limits the dry eyes when working long on computers and phones.

Use "Food" to take care of your eyes

You should supplement salmon twice a week. In addition to salmon, you can also replace it with herring, mackerel or sardines, which are still very good for the eyes

2. Spinach, greens

Spinach is recommended by scientists daily thanks to the amount of nutrients that few vegetables have. The content of vitamin A and Lutein in spinach is much larger than many other green vegetables.

These nutrients help your eyes resist the ultraviolet rays of the sun, helping to develop vision. You can grind spinach and drink in the morning every day, which is a method many people are using instead of eating this vegetable.

3. Walnuts

In every walnut there are many nutrients but including Omega-3 relatively large help protect your eyes best, maintain eye health.

Use "Food" to take care of your eyes

In addition to omega-3s, walnuts also contain vitamin E, Zinc which helps the oxidation process last longer, keeping the skin bright and healthy. The heart is also greatly improved by this fruit. Besides walnuts, you can also buy nuts that have the same effect as almonds to keep your eyesight good.

4. Carrots

Undeniable level of positive influence that carrots bring to human eyes. The vitamin A in carrots reduces night blindness, increases corneal health, greatly improves vision.

To ensure the retina and reduce the risk of macular degeneration, carrots are a food that you should choose first.

5. Sweet potatoes

These cheap bulbs are the god for your soul's window. The amount of vitamin A in sweet potatoes is no less than carrots, so if you are bored of carrots, this is still your savior.

6. Blueberries

Use "Food" to take care of your eyes

Science has proven that regular consumption of blueberries improves vision and strengthens blood vessels through the eyes. The collagen present in blueberries also reduces inflammation in the eye area. In addition to good eye function, blueberries are also good for people with blood pressure or arterial obstruction.

7. Broccoli

If your eyes are sensitive to the sun or simply light, it is a sign of a lack of vitamin B2 in the eyes. Broccoli has enough vitamin B2 content to help your eyes prevent age-related cataract, limit inflammation, blurred vision, and prevent eye fatigue.

8. Chili

Use "Food" to take care of your eyes

This spicy fruit is also a useful food for preserving the light of your eyes. Inside a small pepper, but contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, Lutein, Beta-carotene, all help protect the overall health for the eyes.

9. Butter

Pickled avocado or avocado smoothie every day you drink is also very good food for the eyes. Since butter contains ingredients that are good for our skin, eyes and eyes, is it a good idea to drink a delicious avocado smoothie or eat a bowl of avocado salad?

In addition to providing enough nutrients for the eyes, the addition of water and proper sleep, limiting sleep late is what you must do to maintain eye health. Avoiding eye strain for long periods of time or not getting enough sleep for 8 hours a day are the main factors that cause eye damage.

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