Choose delicious duck eggs in the way "MR. ANH" teaches

A good egg is an egg incubated for about 20 days, which is the time when our duck egg has a medium, soft little white flesh.

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1. Observe the eggshell

When you go to the market to select eggs to perform, the first thing is that you should choose new eggs, crust is white and rough. Fruit that have been aged for a long time have a softer skin and appear dark spots, the longer the eggs are, the darker the black skin becomes visible. Nutrition from the new eggs will be a lot, besides also ensuring the freshness that flipped duck eggs bring.

2. Based on weight

Eggs in about 20 days are usually heavy and feel firm. Old eggs are usually lighter

3. Check with water

Gently drop the egg into a glass of diluted salt water. Watch the egg, if the egg floats to the surface, it means that the egg is old or broken. Duck eggs when placed in a glass of water lethargic in the middle of the glass, these are good eggs, just eaten, this is a delicious egg, delicious meat when eaten. The fruit when completely submerged under the pee means young eggs are suitable for those who like to eat small, red portions. This test is only suitable if you already have eggs at home and check the freshness of the eggs, while the season test is quite inconsistent because you do not have a glass of diluted salt water right in the middle of the market. That's difficult, but checking eggs in this way is most effective.

4. Gently shake the egg and listen

To choose the right ones, you just need to use your ears to listen for the sound by gently shaking the fruit. If it is an old egg, you will hear clearly because the inside of the liquid is too large, there is a lot of space, when you make a sound you can hear it. As for the young, just eaten, the inside is still thick, when you shake your egg gently, you won't hear the sound

With a young egg, the inside of the egg is very solid, so when you shake it will not hear any movement. As for the old eggs, the inside is loose, the space above is wide so when shaking, the sound is heard. To choose the right duck eggs to eat, you just need to be a little observant to hear the sound coming from the egg, not too thick nor too loud, then getting the eggs to fit properly becomes invisible. same simple.

5. Watch for duck eggs under the light

Move the egg to strong light and observe the void inside the egg. If you see a large gap, it is an old egg, whereas if the gap is small, it is a young duck egg. The older the egg, the bigger the gap. Usually, people combine this way and the feeling of egg weight to choose the right eggs.


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