Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

To be able to prepare the best food, you need to know how to preserve them best. Let's learn these good tips that VN Cooking has provided for you.

1. Clean vegetables

DO: wrap in a tissue to absorb moisture and place a plastic bag in the refrigerator tray.

DO NOT: refrigerate basil, they are easily damaged by cold, put them in water and leave in a sunny window.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

2. Tomatoes

DO: keep cherries and grapes, tomatoes in its original container and place in the refrigerator.

DO NOT: ripen tomatoes near vegetables.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

3. Spices (onions, chives, garlic)

DO: place them in a warm, dry place like on a kitchen table.

DON'T: place them near ripe fruit, these spices contain strong sulfur compounds, easily damaging other products. Also do not put them in the refrigerator, where there is moisture, making them easy to rot and root.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

4. Watermelon

DO: leave watermelons ripe on the kitchen counter for about a week. Refrigerate the day after the start of the feeding.

DO NOT: put them near other fruits. Watermelons are more easily broken by ethylene, a substance that helps fruits ripen faster and also spoils more quickly.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

5. Mushrooms

DO: put unwashed mushrooms in a paper bag and place in the refrigerator. Keeping them cool and dry is an environment that inhibits bacterial growth, while paper bags help limit dehydration.

DO NOT: wash before storing.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

6. Fruit (peaches, plums)

DO: ripen on a shelf and then transfer to the refrigerator. To extend the life of these fruits, remove the seeds and boil with sugar syrup for a few minutes, cool and place in an airtight container in the freezer.

DO NOT: put in the fridge when they are not cooked, otherwise they will not be cooked.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

7. Grapes

DO: put in their original, breathable plastic bags, remove bruised or damaged fruits, wrap with paper towels to absorb excess moisture - conditions that promote mold growth.

DO NOT: wash until before eating, as this only promotes the growth of mold.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

8. Green vegetables

DO: keep them dry before storing, as the humidity is too high for them to spoil. Wrap vegetables in paper towels, put in plastic bags and store in a tray.

DO NOT: stay close to fruits that produce lots of ethylene gas like tomatoes.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

9. Berries (strawberries, raspberries ...)

DO: put in their original containers, increase ventilation. Remove crushed or moldy berries, as they will speed up the damage to the remaining fruit.

DO NOT: wash before storing as for grape.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

10. Apple

DO: Put a glossy bag in the refrigerator tray. Apple apples with sugar can be stored in the freezer, as well as sliced apples dipped in lemon juice outside will prevent browning.

DON'T: keep vegetables close to them, as the enthylne from the apple will spoil easily.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

11. Potatoes

DO: leave baked potatoes in a cool, dark place, and small varieties in the refrigerator.

DO NOT: leave baked potatoes in direct sunlight, they stimulate the development of a poison that can be a great danger. Keep smaller potatoes away from apples and pears.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

12. Asparagus

DO: keep them upright in the refrigerator with damp paper towels wrapped underneath and half-wrapped plastic bags.

DO NOT: soak green branches in water, as this method will increase bacteria, speed up the process of failure.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

13. Carrot

DO: leave leaves on carrots to keep tubers longer. Small peeled carrots can be placed anywhere in the refrigerator, while large, unpeeled carrots will be more sensitive to ethylene.

DO NOT: put carrots big near fruits, just after 1-2 weeks they will be bitter and almost inedible due to ethylene from fruits.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

14. Bananas

DO: keep bananas separate from ethylene-sensitive foods, such as berries, cucumbers, greens, sweet potatoes, and watermelons. This will prevent the fruit from ripening and spoiling too quickly. Bananas should be separated from each fruit and wrapped individually.

DO NOT: store in refrigerator. The cold temperature will prevent bananas from ripening and cause them to brown.

Tips to keep vegetables and fruits fresh


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