Top 16 foods that pregnant women should avoid

During pregnancy, it is very important to eat and drink to ensure nutrition for mothers and babies, especially for first-time pregnant mothers. day.

It is normal to be constantly hungry during pregnancy, so having food to store in your fridge is something the men need to do. But should note that the foods must be avoided or limited to ensure the health of mothers and children.

Please refer to the following dishes to avoid.

1. Raw shellfish

Snail shops are no longer an ideal choice for husbands to take wives out for dinner. Dishes made from seafood like snails, oysters, and mussels always contain a lot of good calcium for the body but most of these shellfish live very deep in the water, so there are a lot of micronutrients, parasitic parasites should affect the health of mothers and young children when processing is not clean.

Top 16 foods that pregnant women should avoid

But seafood aficionados don't worry too much, go to the market to choose the seafood in the freshest places to cook your favorite dishes.

2. Foods containing listeria

Listeria is the bacteria that are bad for our thick teaching. When you miss out on foods that contain this bacterium, a persistent abdominal pain is accompanied by symptoms of vomiting. These are the small effects of this bacteria, but if the body is weak, it will cause stomach ulcers or pregnancy for pregnant women.

These bacteria are often found in foods like unpasteurized milk, bacon, and other raw foods.

3. Animal liver

Animal liver contains the most vitamin A, which is beneficial for the human body. But for pregnant women, this is called "toxic food".

Top 16 foods that pregnant women should avoid

The animal's liver contains the most active substances in the animal's body, so if during the pregnancy the mother consumed this food especially in the first 3 months, it is very easy to cause birth defects.

4. Fish contains mercury

Mercury is an extremely toxic substance that can lead to health, deformities, brain retardation for babies when pregnant women consume more into the body. Many types of fish contain mercury such as mackerel, whale, swordfish, ... because they live in remote areas, so it is easy to be infected with mercury.

Pregnant women can still eat, but within a permitted range, avoid consuming this kind of bad food.

5. Fresh shoots

Bamboo shoots are very poisonous food, usually before processing anything from bamboo shoots, people often soak through and boil 2 to 3 times to eliminate toxins in bamboo shoots.

Top 16 foods that pregnant women should avoid

It is recommended by scientists about this food for ordinary people and pregnant mothers are prohibited. Toxins like Cyanhydric Acid cause very bad effects on babies in the womb.

6. Soy and soy products

There are no articles or scientific studies that clearly show the effects of soy on boys in the womb. But in the past, many scientists have shown that pregnant women consuming a lot of soy will lead to the growth of female hormones in male babies. Causing abnormalities of the reproductive organs in boys, prevention is better than cure, mothers should limit to enjoy this food.

7. Wine, soft drinks, carbonated drinks

For the average person, the carbonated drinks, sugar-sweetened soft drinks or bottles of wine, beer glasses have been limited because of health problems, the pregnant women have to limit many times.

Top 16 foods that pregnant women should avoid

The harmful effects on the fetus when mothers abuse these substances are reduced fetal health, brain retardation, nerve damage and the most serious is the risk of melanoma.

8. Tapioca

Steamed cassava dishes with coconut milk, baked cassava, ... always attract consumers. This dish is delicious, but the amount of poison in it also makes you have to think a lot before being attracted to it.

The substances contained in the cassava tubers are easy to disrupt digestion, food poisoning leading to unstable fetal status during pregnancy.

9. Scrambled eggs

Mothers can enjoy dishes made from flipped eggs such as flipped duck eggs, quail flipped twice a week will be very good for young children. But too much abuse will have the opposite effect on our soon-to-be-born baby.

Top 16 foods that pregnant women should avoid

Especially in late pregnancy, eating omelette foods is strictly forbidden because it produces lots of bad cholesterol for babies.

10. Vegetables

The body of pregnant women is much weaker than ordinary people, so how to keep your health is the best that needs attention.

This is a food that mothers should avoid during the first trimester, but for mothers with weak health, it is absolutely necessary to avoid this vegetable food.

11. Coffee

The amount of caffeine in the aromatic cups out there is very high. There is no denying how attractive the coffee is to us. But if you are a woman who is about to become a mother, then limiting coffee for one year is a great sacrifice for your baby, who is more than nine months pregnant to have the best health, especially the most beautiful skin.

12. Wormwood

The pregnancy will be very likely if the pregnant mother does not abstain from peanuts. If you consume a large amount of this food, you will have an abortion immediately, so priority should be strictly prohibited.

13. Green papaya

Papaya is a food that stimulates the growth of milk glands in the mothers' bodies. But the benefits always come with equally significant consequences as papaya contains many enzymes and resins, causing uterine contraction leading to miscarriage in the early months of pregnancy.

14. Pineapple (pineapple)

Top 16 foods that pregnant women should avoid

If papaya contains enzymes and resins, the pineapple content of pineapples is very high in Bromelain, which causes the uterus to soften and also shrink the uterus and cause miscarriage as usual. So in the process of pregnancy, the fathers had to love the women because they had to sacrifice so many delicious and favorite foods.

15. Tea

Similar to coffee, tea does not contain a lot of caffeine, so mothers should limit it. Mothers are not always limited, can also drink but must be a moderate range and avoid consuming concentrated tea will make the fetus less intelligent, pregnant women have trouble sleeping.

16. Greasy food

The heat in your body, heartburn, indigestion, ... will occur when the girl is preparing to give birth or consume greasy food.

Top 16 foods that pregnant women should avoid

Mothers are often afraid of premature birth after birth but do not know, eating a lot of greasy foods during pregnancy is one of the causes.

Above are some of the foods we recommend that pregnant women should avoid or limit. However, eating and drinking is only a part of mental comfort, adequate sleep, regular antenatal care are the tasks that husbands need to remind their beautiful wife to do. Always love the women next to you, because they sacrificed so much to get you a little angel about to be born.

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