Boiled crab with old beer but strange taste

Boiled crab with old beer but strange taste

How to boil crabs, the recipe for boiling crabs is quite simple. As long as you prepare all the necessary ingredients, be careful in each stage of implementation, you will have your favorite drink already.
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45 minutes
Ghẹ sống 4 unit
Lemon grass 3 bough
Ginger 1 tuber
Beer 1 can
Implementation Steps
- You need to kill crabs before processing - Ginger 1/2 shaved, crushed, 1/2 finely chopped - Lemongrass crushed
- Crabs marinated with ginger and lemongrass have crushed about 10 pphuts in the refrigerator cooler
LIME - Put lemongrass on the bottom of the pot. - Crab in the middle and a little ginger and lemongrass on top. - Finally, beer, you pour all over the crab - Conduct boiling
Boil about 4 minutes and the crabs will be cooked. When you see the crabs turn red, the bricks are ripe. Put the crabs on a plate and enjoy
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