Homemade Yogurt Cake

Homemade Yogurt Cake

Homemade yogurt cakes are very simple, this dish is currently the hottest dish of young people. Fat, aromatic, sour and sour cake should not be eaten but very popular
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30 minutes
Sữa chua 200 gram
Sandwich 2 loaf
Cream 50 ml
Cornflour flour 15 gram
Mayonnaise 2 spoon
Implementation Steps
MAKE CAKE - Put 2 jars of yogurt, condensed milk, mayonnaise in a bowl to beat the mixture - Put on the stove and heat on low, when the pot is boiling, add cornstarch to stir - When the paste becomes thick, turn off cook, put in the freezer for about 2 hours
BAKING CAKE - Sandwich leaving the 4 outer edges, pressing the sandwich with a mortar - Folding the sandwich in half, using the fork and fork to stick together, leaving one end to pour yogurt into
- Take out the yogurt, pour into Sandwich and stick with fork and fork - Make until the end of the cake
- Yogurt Cake Completed Wish you success
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