Beef with wine sauce restaurant

Beef with wine sauce restaurant

If you are tired of the traditional beef stock, then you should switch to the very famous beef with wine sauce
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45 minutes
Beef 300 gram
Carrot 2 tuber
Wine 150 gram
Tomato 2 fruit
Potato 2 tuber
Garlic 2 tuber
Five-spice powder 1 pack
Ginger 1 tuber
Implementation Steps
- Carrots and onions you peel, cut to taste - Diced tomatoes - Minced garlic - Ginger sliced, crushed
- Beef sliced square, prepare a pot of boiling water, put the meat into a file and then scoop out the bowl - You marinate the meat with 1 spoon of fish sauce, 1/4 spoon of salt, pepper, ginger, 1/2 of garlic, five spice flavor, wine and 1 tablespoon sugar mixed marinate about 30 minutes
- Put the pot on the stove with a little oil, non-fragrant garlic, stir fry tomatoes until it is cooked, add beef - Add a few ketchup, and 1 cup of water and heat until boiling, add potatoes and carrots let it simmer for another 15 minutes
- You seasoned again - See if the water has thickened, turn off the stove The dish is done

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