Multi-layered Jambon omelet

Multi-layered Jambon omelet

From simple ingredients but through your hands can also create a dish many people crave. Ham (ham) is a simple dish, but it will make your family meal more delicious.
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45 minutes
Eggs 4 fruit
Plain flour 3 spoon
Jambon 8 slice
Salt 1 spoon
Seasoning powder 1 spoon
Fish sauce 1 spoon
Sugar 1 spoon
Green onion 2 tree
Implementation Steps
Our eggs are beaten in a large bowl with 1 spoon of seasoning seeds, 1 spoon of fish sauce, 1 spoon of sugar and finely chopped scallions all together until dissolved. Mix flour with 400ml of cold water and 1 teaspoon of salt, mix well to dissolve the mixture, wait about 10 minutes.
Take the donkey until the oil in the pan is slightly hot, put the eggs in each thin patch, evenly pan. After you see the eggs are done, place a flat dish to make it easier to roll, fry many pieces until the eggs are gone. Next, fry the dough, just like frying an egg.
The next piece of egg to the next layer is the layer of flour, then the ham (jambon), rolled all hand beautifully. After you roll it into large rolls, slice it into small pieces to taste. That's it then, decorating the plate is edible


fried egg


cold rolled egg roll

egg roll

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