Carrot, sour radish - versatile side dish

Carrot, sour radish - versatile side dish

Sour food is the most versatile side dish to be used with bread, spring rolls, grilled spring rolls, braised meat, ... as a side dish for the main dish. Just simple ingredients but processed into a perfect side dish for the family.
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45 minutes
Carrot 800 gram
Daikon 800 gram
Vinegar 500 ml
Implementation Steps
Materials to buy when washed: - Peeled carrots sliced about 5cm long. - Cut radish, peel and shred about 5cm You can also use a planing knife, or paring pattern to your liking
Soak the carrots and white radish in 1 tablespoon of salt water, mix well and soak for about 30 minutes. You can bend carrot and turnip when the fiber is bendable
Rinse the carrots and turnips with water again, put them in a glass jar and prepare to brew. Mix the wrong vinegar, sugar and boiling water in a glass jar to the sour area. Close the lid of the bottle and let it stand for 1 day to use. Simple too right.


sour carrots

sour carrots

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