Hot spicy shrimp hotpot - warm with the family

Hot spicy shrimp hotpot - warm with the family

At the end of the year, the whole family sat together to enjoy a hot pot of hot and sour shrimp hot pot, chatting with each other about what was past, the plans that were about to be done, the unfinished ambitions were really great. . Prepare your loving family with a pot of this delicious hot and sour shrimp hotpot!
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30 minutes
Fresh shrimp 400 gram
Tomato 5 fruit
Straw mushroom 200 gram
Lemon leaf 4 leaf
Lime 2 fruit
Lemon grass 1 tree
Cooking oil 4 muõng
Seasoning powder 2 spoon
Chili 2 fruit
Ketchup 2 spoon
Rice noodles 400 gram
Implementation Steps
Wash shrimp when washed. Straw mushrooms and chopped tomatoes. Lemon leaves washed, lemongrass crushed and chopped
Prepare a pot of hot pot, add 3 tablespoons of cooking oil, when the oil is hot, add the shrimp to the island and stir well when the shrimp has turned slightly red, you put 5 cups of cold water into the pot.
When cooking shrimp in a hot pot, on this stove, prepare a small pan for 1 tablespoon of cooking oil into the pan. When the oil is hot you turn the ingredients including minced garlic, chili, lemon leaves, tomato sauce into the pan and stir to heat up.
When the mixture in the pan is hot and even. You put the mixture over to the hot pot. Then you put the mushrooms, chopped tomatoes into the pot. Next is the broth, minced lemongrass. You need to taste again to taste the whole family. Then continue cooking for another 5 minutes.
This hotpot, you can eat with rice noodles will be very delicious. If you have ready rice, it is also great to have rice as a family meal. Good luck.


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