Thai Pad delicious at home

Thai Pad delicious at home

Pad Thai is very famous and sold all over the world, especially this delicious is also on the favorite menu of many famous restaurants.
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30 minutes
Flat rice noodle 300 gram
Ức gà 100 gram
Fresh shrimp 150 gram
Eggs 2 fruit
Hẹ 25 gram
Minced Shallot 1 spoon
Đậu hủ trắng 150 gram
Đậu phộng rang 50 gram
Bean sprouts 25 gram
Củ cải muối 20 gram
Thot Not's sugar 40 gram
Nước cốt me 25 ml
Sốt Pad Thái 1 pack
Implementation Steps
MAKE SAUCE SAUCE - Put the pan on the stove with jaggery, 1 spoon of fish sauce, tamarind juice, 2 tablespoons chili sauce. - Stir the mixture to make the charcoal ingredients into a sauce, then turn off the heat, for a cup
- Sliced tofu - Pickled radish and minced shallots - Put some oil in the pan again, add tofu to fry, then add the pickled radish and minced shallot into fry together
- Sliced chicken breast - Put shrimp, chicken breast in sautéed pan with tofu
- Pho noodles, bean sprouts, chives chipped into a pan - Simmer over high heat, quickly stir fry
- Add a little oil to the pan, beat 2 eggs on the island with noodles. - Finally, peanuts pound into the pan, stir the heat for 2 minutes, then complete the dish
Foods to limit when sick

There are foods we often think are very good for people who are sick like milk, orange juice, hot tea ... But in reality, unlike what we think, there are foods that are very familiar but must be abstained when sick.

When you come to Da Nang, you have to eat all these food areas

Da Nang is one of the cities worth spending our time in Vietnam. Many famous places, beautiful scenery, amusement parks crowded with tourists, and unique cultural features of the region have attracted many tourists but to be able to see the hearts of the distant guests can not fail to mention. Extremely rich realities that this place has been.

Choose delicious duck eggs in the way "MR. ANH" teaches

Flipped duck is always a favorite food of Vietnamese people. Not only is the dish easy to find in many places with a delicious taste, the duck eggs also carry a high content of nutrients for the body if eaten properly.

The meaning of the Valentine's Day of the year

Every year, as usual, only February is the street, the commercial centers are decorated in a vivid pink color with images of love and happiness. All are geared towards February 14 as Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day) in the World.

Constipation sufferers must eat these regularly

If you are one of the 14% of the population who suffer from frequent or constant constipation, listen to the body and seek immediate treatment. There are many types of foods available to help you resolve this discomfort.

Use "Food" to take care of your eyes

Beautiful eyes are strong and bright eyes. Always maintain those beautiful eyes with thorough care, clean hygiene and always provide the nutrients to ensure your eyes are still alive thanks to the products we listed below.

The food that needs taboo for the whole year is complete

Vietnam has traditions to celebrate Tet, which are still preserved. The grandparents taught that "there is a sacred church, there is abstinence in linen", so eating and drinking in the first days of the year has many limitations and must be known to avoid the rest of the year not as expected.

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