Vegetarian stir-fried Pho

Vegetarian stir-fried Pho

Just think about the day of the full moon to eat, make this vegetarian stir-fried Pho, you won't have to weigh your head This dish is also delicious
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15 minutes
Flat rice noodle 200 gram
Carrot 1 tuber
Tofu 2 piece
Bok choi 100 gram
Peanut 50 gram
Tamarind 20 gram
Implementation Steps
- Rice noodles are thin with boiling water, fished out to dry. - Sliced tofu - Shredded carrots - Shredded bok choy - Tamarind put in a little water, take juice, remove tamarind body
- Put the oil pan on the stove - Put the tofu in deep fried and remove it to drain
- Put oil in a pan and then pour the carrots and cabbage into the pan to cook - Add fried tofu, tamarind sauce and stir-fry - Season with salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce
- Peanuts pedal small - Put peanuts and noodles in a pan - Stir and taste again - If you've eaten, then stir fry for 2 more minutes and then turn off the heat
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