Delicious roasted pork

Delicious roasted pork

Roast pig is made at home, no need to worry about health issues anymore. Every time I go to the market to buy a pig, I am afraid that it is not fresh and the product will be cooked at home for peace of mind
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90 minutes
Pork side 500 gram
Five-spice powder 3 gram
Sherry 20 ml
Vinegar 25 ml
Implementation Steps
- Wash meat then drain - Put 1 foil under the baking tray then put pork on the tray - Apply white wine to all pork
- Add 1/2 tsp salt, 1/3 tsp sugar, five spice powder, 1/3 tsp pepper into a cup. - Put the mixed bowl on marinated with pork, overnight in the refrigerator for the most absorbent meat
- Take meat out, apply vinegar evenly over meat - Sprinkle some salt on top
- Put the meat in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees C for about 90 minutes - Then remove the meat, remove the foil, put the pork on the grill directly for about 15 minutes more
That's it then the roast pork skin is crispy and I wish you success
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