How to cook Hue Bun Bo is the easiest

How to cook Hue Bun Bo is the easiest

This beef noodle dish is very popular in restaurants, but today you bring it home and prepare it with a very simple recipe that VN Cooking shares below, you will definitely cook a great product. Great for the whole family
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60 minutes
Beef shank 1 kilogram
Lean pork pie 500 gram
Onion 2 tuber
Ginger 1 tuber
Minced Garlic 2 spoon
Spices 1 pack
Lemon grass 4 tree
Shallot 1 tuber
Green onion 2 bough
Rice noodles 1 kilogram
Pig bone 2 kilogram
Implementation Steps
You should prepare vegetables served as lettuce, herbs, coriander - Vermicelli served with hot water, fished to drain - Pork bones are used to make broth with sliced onions and lemongrass
- Prepare a little oil pan, hot oil to grinded lemongrass garlic peppers into Africa - When fragrant, put in the broth with the seasoning package
- Sliced grilled chopped meat - Boiled beef and sliced to taste - Sliced green onions - Thinly sliced Onions
- Cook the water again.
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